The battle of the magicians online, what can be more interesting and exciting? The game Acolyte is a fight between the most skilled wizards and sorcerers in the universe. Before you become one of them, you need to prepare well. First, you need to allocate time to learn spells. They are not so much and they are remembered easily. And meanwhile, they are very effective. Each of them has its own strengths, which need to be applied at a certain moment.

The game Acolyte Fight io sends players to the big arena, where the main battle will take place. On the map there are magic crystals that can save life if necessary. The main task is to win the round. This will not be so easy, given that space here has the property of shrinking. Go beyond the pain of battle - means a sure death. It is necessary to keep at any cost within the boundaries indicated, and, if possible, to push out an opponent.

Acolyte allows you to attack the enemy by any means and methods. To do this, just press that combination of buttons that are listed on the spells at the bottom of the screen. If desired, they can be changed at their discretion. Control: mouse - movement, buttons WERDASQF - attack and defense.

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