Airplane io |

The endless sky opens its arms to the brave and desperate guys. The game Airplane io is a competition for speed and ingenuity. There are no weapons, no fighting is conducted, no one shoots anyone. The main goal is to outrun rivals in the number of collected energy points. You can find them throughout the space. Their difference is that they are not static. Such objects appear and disappear.

Airplane io shows the percentage of acceleration in the lower left of the screen. It is replenished gradually and can not be more than one hundred percent. Spend it wisely and constantly monitor the completion. You should not get too involved in collecting points, you need to tirelessly monitor competitors. An enemy ship can go to a ram, and this is a deadly number.

Airplane io opens up new abilities to control the airplane. The ability to maneuver, avoid all obstacles, orient in open space will help to achieve excellent results and snatch victory from rivals. Only you can not relax, lose sight of the enemy. A sudden collision will deprive all points and chances of winning. Control: movement — mouse, accelerate — left key.

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