The life of ants obeys its laws, which in many ways resemble our human. The game offers the player to become a member of one cohesive team. Here everything is subordinated to the collective leadership, and not individual fighters, but whole groups compete among themselves. To play, it is enough to join an already established colony or organize your own. The main goal is to build up and develop its colony, and for this it is important to participate in each of its members.

The game Ant is built around queens, each of which heads its clan. She bends - the entire clan disappears. That’s why their queens should be carefully protected from competitors, take care of its nutrition, monitor the condition of the larvae. She feeds on green peas, which she needs to periodically deliver. To find out if she is hungry, you can use a white badge above her. To expand the possessions and rearing the offspring, it is necessary to dig the earth, lay eggs in dark cells, and store food stores in clean, dry and ventilated places.

Antwario is based on interaction and cooperation. Only by distributing responsibilities can you achieve success and dominate the game space. Control: movement - mouse, click twice - interact with objects, right click - open the menu.

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