Antzer io

It turns out that insects are a terrible force. The game Antzer io will allow the player to lead this terrible and merciless army. The main goal is to earn points and rise in the rating. This can be achieved by quite traditional methods: eating food, destroying one’s competitors one by one and smashing whole enemy armies into dust. Those balls that you can get for food - are insignificant and practically can not affect anything radically, but they allow recruiting fighters for their troops.

The game Antzer io has its own unspoken rules, according to which the first ant, is the most important. He must be protected, as the apple of his eye. If he is killed, then defeat is inevitable. Having several warriors at your disposal, you can attack simultaneously on different sites. It is very easy to launch an attack, and you can do it simply by clicking on the mouse. When you press the left key, the ants will disperse to their goals and start fighting. As soon as the key is released, they will return to their seats.

Antzer io is a chance to learn how to manage an amazing army of insects. The more powerful enemy will be able to kill, the stronger the whole armada becomes. If such a creature was not among your mercenaries, it becomes possible to hire and strengthen your strength. Control: WASD - movement, click - attack, 1-9 - hire soldiers.

Alternative name:, antzerio

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