Do you want to know more about the sea and marine life? The new i game "" will provide an opportunity to become one of the fish and join the process of the struggle for existence. This multiplayer resembles such famous and popular toys as and

Here you will play for the fish, which seeks to survive among themselves such creatures, applying various tactics and means. Eating caviar and fry, your hero increases in size and can compete with predators such as sharks and other representatives of the ocean fauna. Your character can be divided into smaller clones and take advantage of his special abilities. To control use the keys WASD, in order to move, the space will allow to separate, and Q is special.

In addition, the game "" contains in its reserve a huge number of different fish, except those open initially. All of them can be acquired later in order to reveal the advantages and characteristics of each species. Pleasant difference is Russification, which greatly facilitates communication and communication between participants.

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