Traveling in a large company is not always safe for life. The game offers rivalry in multiplayer mode. Here you will have to gradually move level by level, avoiding traps and real competitors. Anyone can learn to play without making special efforts, but it will be possible to reach the end only to the most savvy and fast. Along the way, every now and then there are all kinds of obstacles: balls with thorns, thorns, wandering monsters and other evil spirits.

The game of Batland io is competition in its pure form. In addition to the difficulties of the path itself, the player is waiting for numerous opponents who try to get rid of their opponents at any cost. Since playing is among the bats, their unique abilities should be used to the maximum. The main thing is to rise above the others and bypass obstacles. You can do this in any accessible way, even at the expense of mice. Pushing away from one of them, you can climb much higher.

Batlandio allows you to chat with the rest of the players, advising and thinking through their own or common actions. Everyone uses his tactics and strategy to achieve the goal. If you’re lucky, you can even build your own team, and help each other. Manage the movement of the mouse, left click allows you to move up.

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