Today you are waiting for bloody battles between rivals, where the strongest survive. The game Battle performed in the genre of Battle Royal, where the main goal — to survive at any cost. Here you will have to carefully think over your actions, develop your own tactics and destroy your competitors. It can play up to forty players at a time. First you need to choose your skin and server. Then go in search of weapons. In addition to firearms, there are also grenades, which in some cases are more effective.

The game Battle Point io allows you how to build barricades, and destroy them. Looking who and what strategy would prefer. If you take a wait and see attitude and wait until all rivals have killed each other, it’s better to take shelter in a secluded place and protect the approaches to it. If the tactics are offensive, then you need to collect more bullets and grenades and destroy everything around.

Battle is an interesting multiplayer shooter that can evolve in any direction. Each of the participants in the battle is free to make their choice and achieve their goal. It is only necessary to correctly calculate your strength, to monitor the level of health and the availability of ammunition. Control: movement — mouse, shooting — left click, G — grenade, E — take the item, right click — throw it.

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