On board the space station, strangers appeared. The game Battle — a multiplayer, performed in the genre of the royal battle. The action takes place on a large playing field, where there are many secret rooms and secret moves. The ship was attacked by monsters, mutants and competitors who seek to dominate and destroy all those who are not wanted. To survive, you will quickly think and navigate. The space is constantly compressed, and we have to move closer to the center.

The game Battle Royale io has three varieties of space aliens: a regular shooting range, a mutant and a guard. Each has its own unique abilities, and pose a serious danger. To find weapons and other useful things, you need to inspect all the premises and find caches. Thanks to the tokens found, you can improve the characteristics of your character.

Battle — is not only a fight with aliens, but also a brutal rivalry with other players. Here everyone is for himself, and the one who is the last to survive wins. You can pump protection functions, acquire more powerful weapons, the speed of recovery of lost health. Control: movement — mouse, left click — shooting.

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