Can you protect your maritime lines? The game - about the brutal battles in real time. You will play in one of the teams Team Red or Team Blue, and your goal is to destroy the enemy base. Do not tune in for an easy victory. Here you will find a lot of surprises and exciting adventures. Managing your own ship, you will gradually move forward, fighting with the enemy fleet, shooting and collecting improvements. On the surface of the float chests, each of which has its own characteristics.

For example, boxes with mines will move your target closer to the headquarters of the enemy. And others will help to upgrade your battle boat. There are also boxes with ammunition and designed to repair and eliminate damage received during the fight. While there are several maps where the battle takes place.

To accomplish your mission to the end, you should know two things. First, you can revive your battleship as long as the battle is going on, but only if it has already developed enough. Each respawn will cost you 5 levels, so if your destroyer is on the fifth or lower, it will be completely destroyed. Secondly, avoid using energy barriers, as well as turrets, aimed at your object, because they will severely damage your ship.

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