Bee Swarm Simulator

Control is done using the mouse. Left mouse button-interaction with objects. The original name of the game is Bee Swarm Simulator. The task is to obtain and sell honey. Orders arrive continuously. Bees carefully pack the product in jars. You have to grow a variety of flowers, sell honey and develop on the received money economy.

Almost all bees have special abilities. These bees throw coin-shaped badges, they also emit a special glow of gold sequins (specifically to differentiate from the usual tokens) that can be collected, if you do not collect tokens in a relatively short period, they will disappear. Other players of Bee Swarm Simulator may not collect tokens created by your bees.

Some abilities can be reset only when the bee collects pollen. Other tokens can appear when bees attack monsters. And some abilities can be reset at any time, even if the bee is not active.

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