Many children are familiar with the legendary strategy. The Bellum game is its continuation and the second part. Here confrontation and fierce struggle takes place in outer space. Three-dimensional graphics and new unique opportunities for domination make this battle incredibly exciting. In the corner on the left of the screen are the tasks that will lead the player to victory.

The game Bellum allows you to capture territory and destroy rivals. You can do this in many ways, including using the features of the map. To succeed, you need to act quickly, but reasonably. To become a leader it is possible to only selected, those children who will carefully think over the tactics and strategy.

Bellum is a struggle for power in the Galaxy, which looks very realistic. On the screen of the monitor float heavenly bodies, planets, distant luminaries. Everything looks very beautiful and realistic. But before you start to play, you need to register. It is not difficult to do this, but it will allow you to accumulate victories and raise your rating. At the very beginning, you should read the rules and learn the instructions. Only in this way will there be a chance to become a winner. Controls: mouse - movement, left click - action, 1-4 - improvement, QER - skills.

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