Sometimes even with fairly primitive and simple weapons you can win major battles. The game confirm this. This is a multiplayer involving many players. The main weapon for everyone is a common battle ax that can be thrown almost beyond the horizon. Cutting with the enemy is at a distance, since the ax needs to be thrown, and then returned back. To do this, click the mouse one and a second time.

The game Bifrost io has several characters, each of which has unique characteristics and pumping capabilities. Killing the first opponent, you get a chance to choose your hero. In battle, you have to be very careful and careful. It should be remembered that while the ax is in flight, you are unarmed and maximally vulnerable. You can not substitute if the enemy is nearby.

Bifrostio assumes its own tactics and strategy of warfare for each player. In the course of the battle, an available mini-map is useful. It is through it that you can track the movement of competitors and throw your ax in this direction. This gives a chance to get ahead of the enemy and quickly deal with him. Control: mouse - movement, click - attack.

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