Are you ready to spend time together with an excellent multiplayer game on speed, agility and reaction? Big will allow you to compete with hundreds of rivals and show all your best fighting talents. Here you have several goals: to survive and to become the strongest and clever player on the location. The process of achieving the goal is simplified by the fact that even a novice can easily destroy the most pumped enemy.

Your character in Big is a soldier with a sword. With a set of experience, the hero’s weapon will grow in size, and the fighter will become stronger. To collect balls, collect colorful droplets on the screen or kill rivals. The greatest number of points gives the death of a huge monster, if you manage to destroy it, then in a few seconds, take off to the top of the top.

In addition to the usual, useful droplets in the Big there are also harmful, dangerous. They are all painted in one gray color, and if at least one of them hits your knight, he will get significant damage and his experience will decrease. Always maneuver and avoid dangerous precipitation, do not let them harm the hero. For a productive game, use additional bonuses that are scattered around the field, some will help you move faster, the second will increase the accuracy of attacks, and third draw colored drops. Control: mouse, D key.

Alternative name: big hero io, bigheroio, bighero

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