Today everyone has a chance to prove himself and become the best shooter of all time. Game Bigger - Multiplayer 3D shooter. Moving will have to a small arena, where there are many enemies and plenty of weapons. The more points, the higher the ranking. Here you can join an active grouping or create your own. It’s fun and exciting to play, but you have to sweat for victory.

The game Bigger Guns io is designed for the speed of reaction and ingenuity of the player. Each fighter has two types of weapons. Between them you can switch and choose the one that is most effective at the moment. This can be done by clicking on the icons with the image of guns. It should be remembered that picking up a new gun, you lose the old one. Each of them has its advantages and features, which can not be underestimated.

Bigger is, above all, a weapon on which victory or defeat depends. Having made a good choice, you can put all the competitors in the shortest possible time. Shoot quickly and accurately, beating the opponent. If you think and aim for a long time, it is easy to become a victim of a more successful shooter. Control: WASD keys or arrow keys of the keyboard - movement, left click - shooting.

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