Meet the cute globular heroes! The new game "" is funny and funny, but without knowledge of physics it can not be coped with. You have to play beatball, controlling your own ball, and it’s not so easy. On the game board there are not only your competitors, but also hairy black holes that absorb those caught in them instantly and without a trace.

Your goal is to push your opponent into such a sphere and get points for it. Scored thus points will not only increase in volume, but also improve their fighting qualities, having the opportunity to push their opponents more strongly. However, one should not forget about the danger from the blue, and especially purple balls. In a collision, the first one reduces the mass, and the second generally connects a deadly timer, which, after the expiration of time, destroys the player. But against this scourge there is a sure way - it can be passed by pushing another.

Management: left click of the mouse of the ward we force to move, and the cursor we specify a direction. If you hold down the button, you can accelerate. The game "" is not similar to its predecessor, therefore it is of considerable interest, both for the beginner and for the professional. Call friends, make real battles, rise in the ranking, becoming the best!

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