Gnawing and biting is the slogan of the day! The game is an adventure of a toothy monster on the gaming arena. You need to eat all the delicious cookies that are scattered around the field and do not forget to wash it all down with water. From the level of satiety depends on how much your character grows, and how long can resist the blows of numerous enemies. You can not only eat food, but also replenish your strength at the expense of your competitors.

Game Biters io allows to reach a high rating and to become the best rodent of all times and the people. To do this, you need to develop your own strategy and attack tactics. All who are around, try to inflict maximum damage or destroy our monster. There are no allies, it is necessary to fight and survive alone. Above the hero are two scales, green means XP, and blue — speed.

Bitersio is an interesting and exciting fight that lasts as long as the strength and energy of a biting monster is enough. Here you can collect and cups, which will, if desired, update your skin. It’s incredibly fun and fun playing. Controls: movement — mouse, space bar or left mouse button — biting.

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