Imagine that you have fallen to govern the abyss, capable of absorbing everything that it sees in its path. In Black you can freely move around a busy metropolis and can swallow fences, lanterns and even multi-storey houses, although at the very beginning of its possibilities it is slightly more modest, and you will have to start with eating all sorts of trifles. And that you do not get bored and do not think yourself unbeatable, there are other players in Blackhole - they all want to eat and grow, but the leader will be someone one - the most agile and hungry.

Each round lasts a minute and a half, you need to maximize the mass. Black Hole io is a black hole. You are required to manage this phenomenon, to become many times stronger and stronger, and the time for achieving the goal is limited - only one and a half minutes. The case will take place in a city full of people, cars, houses and other things.

All of them can be eaten, but not immediately, and gaining mass, but for now eat up lanterns and poles, garbage cans, benches, trees and other relatively small objects. Once the time is over, you will see your result and find out if you are on the best list or not. After that, the game can be restarted, because there are a lot of such short rounds.

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