If not so long ago the world was conquered by spinners, then today it’s time for blasters. The game is a colorful and uncompromising battle between bright and very dangerous blades. They are just like their distant predecessors, gaining weight and destroying rivals. Only the principle of struggle is excellent. Spinning at the speed of colliding with each other and causing each other solid damage. It depends on the difference between their mass, which is calculated by a special program.

The game Bladers io brings points, both from the absorption of colored points, that and from the defeated enemy. The main goal is to grow to the maximum size, and earn the maximum number of balls. To find the enemy, a mini-map, which is located on the left side of the screen, is useful. To get to the right site and get a good start, use a space. This will give a significant acceleration, albeit at the expense of the accumulated mass.

Bladersio is an acute and brutal confrontation where only the fastest and quickest blaster survives. So that the blow was strong, and even deadly - that is the meaning of this battle. Colorful blades dissect the space and rush to meet the unknown. Control: WASD keys - movement.

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