Blastz io

Play a space shooter and fight for the championship, that’s what this multiplayer online game for survival offers the participants. In Blastz io, you will compete for leadership in the top against hundreds of other players on your own spaceship, which is equipped with huge laser guns. Your goal is to pump your spaceship, kill enemies and gain game experience.

Initially, the spaceship in Blastz io is quite simple and does not have sufficient firepower. To make it combat-ready, collect on the location of multi-colored meteorites and get experience points for it. When there are enough balls, your flying machine is transformed into a more powerful unit, and you can enter into an open confrontation with other rivals.

Management in Blastz io is not easy and you need to get used to it. Very often, the spaceship does not reach the desired goal, or it can not stop at the given moment. Practice some time before attacking. To control the gameplay, use the ASDW keys, to fire left click. In case of damage or damage, use first-aid kits that are periodically found on the map.

Alternative name: blastzio, blastz io, blasts io

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