Introducing to your attention the next multiplayer online shooter. In Blitzroyale io, you will have to fight not for life, but for death, since only one of the fight participants will eventually survive and receive the title of champion. You can play this video game as yourself, for yourself, and gathering in teams and shooting opponents together. Be sure to play in both options and choose the one that suits you best.

I’m glad that there are plenty of weapons in It is easy to find on the playing field. Initially, the character is unarmed, so your first priority is to arm yourself. Simultaneously it is possible to have in reserve at once two units of the weapon and to use them alternately. If you get a more powerful model, without hesitation, throw out the old gun and take the rifle in hand.

Please note that the location in Blitzroyaleio is constantly narrowing and there is less room for maneuver with every second. In the end, when only a few people finish on the court, it will become very small and then you will have to rely only on your dexterity and reaction. Management ASDW - movement, FZ - take or throw weapons, click - shooting.

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