Bouncy Run

Your goal is simple - just collect the maximum number of game balls and go through all available locations. You can not jump from one task to another, all of them need to be held in turn. Game Bouncy Run - an exciting online arcade game, which will be liked by those players who like to experience their dexterity and reaction.

Under your leadership in Bouncy Run goes a small ball, which you must move around the field. You need to do this in such a way that he jumps from one platform to another, and gets directly to the center of the shield. If you do not calculate the direction of the movement and the ball will move along the sliding one, it will not be able to move to the next object and fall into the abyss.

The game Bouncy Run has many different tasks, each of which is constantly complicated. If in the beginning the flight altitude of the ball is small and easy to control, then with each new task the jump is getting higher and getting to the goal is more difficult. At the same time dozens of other players will compete for the championship, their results will be displayed on a special rating table. Try to show all the available skills and take first place in the top. Management: computer mouse.

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