Original constructions and serious competition will surely please fans of logical puzzles. The game multiplayer, several players are simultaneously on the playing field, divided into squares. The main goal — to build the largest geometric shape, destroying the objects of competitors. It will not be easy to do this until you have enough experience.

The game is to move the cubes and attach them to their basic design. Clicking on a cube can then move it in the desired direction using the arrows. Gray figures move without problems, but painted in a different color, the opponent’s cubes are not so easy to move. Here you have to follow some rules, one of which says: the smaller joins the larger.

Box War is a war of cubes, in which the one who has a better developed logical thinking and speed of reaction wins. To move one figure, you will have to use at least two. To prevent the enemy from destroying a structure created with such difficulty, it is necessary to quickly increase its object. If it is more than the design of the enemy, then there are more chances to ruin and build up its own mass. Control: WASD keys or arrows — move, left mouse click — select.

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