Love hard fighting and fighting, then this online game is just for you. The entire gameplay in Boxz io is built exclusively on the opposition, everyone is fighting against everyone. The best will be one of the participants who will be able to maximally pump his character and gain the most experience. It will not be easy, as hundreds of players will be at the same time on the playground.

Your hero is a boxer with huge fists, dressed in boxing gloves. For each dead enemy in your account in a certain number of balls is credited. You can spend them on improving the fighting qualities of your fighter. It can be strength, vitality or agility. Depending on what improvement is given preference, the appearance of the warrior also changes.

Above the character in Boxzio are two scales, one red, the other blue. The first one is responsible for aggression and the more complete it is, the stronger the warrior, and the second - for vital energy. If the blue scale ends, your loss is inevitable. In order not to lose, always watch your energy and in case of its exhaustion, step aside and wait until it recovers. Control: the computer mouse is responsible for striking, the ASDW keys for moving.

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