You can try to compete with the terrible dead or to experience becoming one of these creepy creatures right here and now. Game 2-a new version of all the familiar multiplayer. It differs from the previous version with a number of improvements. You can play one of two teams: for zombies or for people.

The game Braains IO 2 teaches to work shoulder to shoulder with cities and fight against competitors in all available ways. You can win only if you coordinate your actions and help each other. It is necessary to remember that time of battle is limited, and it is necessary to settle with the opponent. Everyone follows his own plan and strategy. To act most effectively, it is necessary to organize ambushes and traps in which to lure their enemies. In addition, zombies can create a similar bots, which will support them if necessary.

Braainsio 2 is a fascinating slaughter with a lot of real players. The goals of each group are the opposite. Geeks infect ordinary people and win in the event that there is no survivor among the rivals. The human group seeks to block and destroy humanoid monsters. Victory will be achieved only when all ghouls perish. Control: Move the mouse or keys WASD, right click-Attack, left-take the item.

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