Love any logical problems and do not mind to compete in dexterity and speedy reaction with others, then be sure to play this new multiplayer game. is an online puzzle in which you have to manage a small rectangle of a certain color, each participant has his own and is assigned to each player before the start.

At first the game field is completely white. Your goal is to move your square around the location and color it in your colors. One of the rivals who completely occupies the entire space and becomes the winner. In order for the selected zone to pass under your control, you need to delineate it around the perimeter, simply by connecting two points: the starting and starting positions.

The whole process in is complicated by the fact that during the movement the character is defenseless and if the enemy picks up the moment and crosses the drawn line, you are guaranteed a loss. In order not to lose, do not take the big zones, do the small ones, move quickly and do not let the enemies get close to you. Naturally, you can also defeat enemy territory, just for this you need to choose the right moment and attack the opponent during his movement. Management: computer mouse.

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