The popular genre of the royal battle has now become more extensive and diverse. The game Build combined a classic battle with the possibility of building fortifications. Now players will not only have to attack or defend themselves, but also to extract resources and build fortresses. The main goal is survival. The winner is the one who will remain the last in the arena. However, each has its own strategy and tactics.

The game Build Royale io allows you to extract wood, iron and bricks. From all this, you can create buildings, towers and other structures. But it is not recommended getting involved only in building. The enemy does not slumber and at any opportunity tries to attack and destroy his rival and destroy the fortress walls. Therefore, we need to intelligently combine crafting and war.

Build also contains a lot of any weapons that are scattered all over the territory. You can find ammunition, a stock of cartridges, first-aid kits and other useful things in combat. In addition to all the complexities, the space here has the property of shrinking. This is a serious problem, as players are closer to each other and to the center. Control: WASD - movement, left mouse key - shooting or mining, E - F - weapon, Q - construction, right click - material selection.

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