To be in a stormy sea in a fragile boat is not an easy test. Game Bumpers.io will provide an opportunity to test your strength and ability in the fight against other players. The competition is tough and even cruel. Here you need to have the strength of spirit, maneuverability and ingenuity. To get rid of competitors you need to go to ram. This is a considerable risk, but the only way to victory.

Game Bumpers io requires skillful control and reaction speed. You can not expose your opponent to the most vulnerable parts. If an enemy ship rammed you from the side or overtaken from behind, the damage would be too great, and you would have to leave the battlefield. You can even ram and even need it yourself. Who will sooner disable the enemy ship, he will get an advantage. The strongest part is the nasal one.

Bumpersio — an excellent multiplayer, which will compete in the sea with children from other countries and continents. The enemy is best to lie in wait while he is busy fighting another vessel. You can jump from behind and suddenly hit him. It’s not entirely honest, but very effective. The winner is the one who has more points and who will knock out his opponents out of the playing field.

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