Capture Flag io | CTF io

Playing in a team is always more difficult than playing alone, but much more interesting. The game Capture Flag io is a place where there is a deadly confrontation and a tough fight between the two groups. To whom to join, the player decides for himself. And then you need to work for a common victory. The main task is to penetrate the enemy’s territory, steal its banner and deliver it to its base. At the same time to prevent such a development of events at home.

The game Capture Flag io consists of several rounds. Each new victory brings extra points to the team. The rules are simple, but there are nuances. Kill the standard-bearer with a simple touch can any player from the enemy camp. Therefore, it is better to go to a business together with a friend who can provide cover.

Capture Flag io is a fight where every fighter is worth his weight in gold. To cope with the task, you have to think, try different options to deceive the opponents and achieve a common goal. If you coordinate with other commandos, then the mission will be much easier. Before you go to the lair to the enemy, you should make reconnaissance in order to perfectly navigate the terrain. Management: WASD keys — move, space — acceleration.

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