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In the Caribbean, pirate clashes began, and today everyone can richer. The game Caribb io is an excellent multiplayer in the style of a battle piano. Each participant is provided with his own ship and several guns. The one who turns out to be faster will be able not only to pump his ship, but also to replenish his gold reserves. To do this, you need to maneuver in the open sea and shoot your competitors.

The game Caribb io allows you to assign treasures and artifacts taken from opponents. To make your frigate stronger, faster and more deadly, you need to take care of its modernization. You can purchase various spare parts, amplifiers, additional weapons and ammunition for the jewels obtained in battles. To do this, you must first make reconnaissance to find out where you can make such an exchange.

Caribb io are large sea battles were only the strongest survive. Beat, crush your enemies, gutted their chests and become rich. Here, each player is able to show their best abilities, strategic thinking and become the coolest pirate of all time, even cooler than Jack Sparrow. Control: WASD keys - movement, left mouse click - attack.

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