The squeal of brakes, the frantic speed and fierce competition on the track will always attract not only children, but also adults. The game - is a frantic race in multiplayer mode. We’ll have to drive through the city streets, frightening and instilling fear for pedestrians and ordinary drivers. Far from everyone can reach the finish line.

The game CarJack io allows you to get a cash reward for the race you won. These funds can be spent on upgrading your machine. The more improvements, the higher the chances of winning. On the way, participants are expected to face serious challenges, everywhere there are various obstacles and obstacles. Here, and police, and construction work, and the road with sharp turns and dangerous bends. Do not forget about the competitors who are trying to overtake and push them off the track. The struggle is tough, the strongest wins.

Car Jack io in many respects similar to the usual race, but the participation of real rivals encourages and causes real excitement. To become the best racer, to pump out your wheelbarrow, using all available skins, to raise your rating and get to the top - the dream of every player that can very well become a reality. Control: WASD keys or keyboard arrows - driving, space - acceleration.

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