Cellz io is a cool toy in the Petri dish style. Cultivate your cage so huge that its sides get out of the screen!

How to play? The combat mission in Celz-io is to grow a huge cage and dominate the map.

First, feed on the absorption of colored dots. As there will be a little more mass, then start hunting for other, smaller players! You can also be near giants. This is dangerous, but sometimes a bit of mass falls from the giants. Just like in Slisario. To divide your cell into Cellz io and hunt, use a space. And when you are divided into a lot of cells, you can merge the weight into one cage with the W button from these kids.

So you can quickly again make a huge cage in return for kids who are easy prey. And if you are tired of Agario similar games, try a burning novelty.

Cage moves behind the cursor
Space bar to split
W to merge the mass.

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