Sea monsters now attack the virtual space. The game plunges us into the underwater world, where there are many creepy creatures and survival becomes a very difficult task. You have to play for a small fish, which you need to save and grow up to the size of a huge toothed monster. To do this, you need to constantly monitor the health and endurance, which are displayed on the indicators. Lose vitality can be very quickly, rivals constantly attack and try to devour their competitor.

The Chops io game has different possibilities for replenishing energy and gaining mass. This is a nutritious plankton, small fishes and other marine life. True, you can eat only fish, which are smaller in size and do not pose a threat. If a stronger opponent appears on the horizon, it’s better to get away quickly. For this, it is useful to use acceleration.

Chopsio - this is your chance to grow your own monster, which shies all around. Without fear, to rush forward, having opened a toothy mouth and absorbing smaller rivals, it is possible only if it reaches the maximum volume. For this you have to go through several levels and eat a lot of fish. Control: move the mouse, right button or Ctrl key - acceleration.

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