We are glad to recommend you a new exciting online strategy. In, you will need to build your own city, develop it, expand it and, through this, grab free territory. Play quite interesting and fun, the winner will be one of the players who will be able to create the largest and most powerful settlement.

There are no military actions as such in Here you can cooperate with other participants, help each other or, if necessary, block the rival’s access to resources and thus destroy it. In the beginning, if anything is not clear, a convenient game assistant will prompt you and tell you about the main stages of the game. Do not neglect it, be sure to complete the training course, so it will be much easier to play.

Your first objective in is to find and collect the materials needed for construction. To do this, survey the entire location and add resources to your roomy warehouse. If everything you need is found, on the special panel at the bottom of the screen will open the building, available for erection. Just click on them and transfer them to the map, at the selected point in advance. Controls: ASDW keys, computer mouse and numbers for selecting buildings.

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