Today you can grow your own snake and control it in the serpent kingdom. The game Classic - a new adventure and death fights poisonous and aggressive reptiles. First you need to grow, but for this tasty and satisfying to eat. As food, multicolored points are used. They allow you to build up a lot and score points. Among all the variety there are special magnets that can easily attract balls and increase in volume.

The game Classic Snakes io has another means to achieve a leading position - the fight against opponents, which allows you to score the maximum number of balls. Faced with the opponent’s snake, you can perish yourself, but if your enemy is hit by an enemy, this trouble will happen to him. You can use different tactics and methods of struggle. If you surround your opponent with your body, you can narrow the ring so much that it will crumble and die. But the remaining after his death, the particles can be selected and gain points, raising their rating.

Classic Snakes io can accelerate, but it happens due to weight loss. Therefore, before you disperse, it is necessary to take into account all the pros and cons of such a decision. To gain credibility among its competitors, it will take a lot of effort. You need to control the movement with the help of the keyboard arrows or WASD keys, the mouse click can be accelerated.

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