Today, a huge multi-colored arena will turn into a real battlefield. Game - multiplayer, which allows you to capture new territories. To be in the same room with trusted friends, it’s enough to drop them a link. Then the competition will become even tougher, and the struggle is irreconcilable. Begin to play from opposite parts of the map. The main goal is to capture more than fifty percent of the game space. The one who will manage to do this first and becomes the winner.

The game Colorify io consists of a set of color pixels. You can click on any of the four colors. By clicking on any of them, you can also paint all the next boxes. Then the captured territory will increase, as well as the chance to win. To capture leadership, you will have to carefully analyze the situation. It is necessary to stitch precisely on those colors that are in close proximity and occupy more space than others.

Colorifyio constantly shows the percentage of captured land each player. This allows you to constantly monitor your position and identify the leader. They can become any of the participants of this colorful battle, but more often it is the one who thinks faster and thinks logically.

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