Famous Tanchiki return to the new exciting multiplayer. The game — tank shooter, where everyone will have at his disposal his own combat vehicle. Sitting behind the wheel you need to go ahead and destroy everything. The more destruction, crushed buildings, cars, trees — the higher the rating. You can crush caterpillars and shoot from guns. Soldiers remain on the site of crushed objects. They also have to be killed by any means. Participants in the battle. The one who rises to the top of the top wins. Control: move the mouse, double—click to make a leap forward.

Combatzone io game allows you to pump your tank. On the left are the characteristics of the tank. You need to click on them or press the desired number, so that your armored car becomes even better and more powerful. It is necessary to compete with other tank men, who also want to lead the rating. The higher the ball, the more chances to get to the page of records.

Combatzoneio is an excellent multiplayer shooter where everyone can become a leader. But this will require training and experience. If at first it’s difficult to play, then after some time you can feel like a real pro. Participation of children from different points of the planet seriously motivates the achievement of victory. Control: WASD — movement, left click — shooting.

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