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Not so long ago, beat all records in popularity, but he was replaced by others. is one of them. Logic and ingenuity will help to capture the largest areas of territory and get into the top. You will have to control the snake, which moves out from the base in order to attach more space to its small section.

The game Conquer io has a strategic component. In the process of rivalry over territory, you can die by yourself or destroy your competitors. Everything will depend on the right strategy and tactics. Do not get too carried away with moving forward; you should always look back and look around. The opponent also does not sleep. While you started hunting for one competitor, you can lose sight of your opponent. And as soon as the enemy crosses your line, you will die. Therefore, we must get ahead of the enemy, and destroy it first. is as simple as it is complex. An inexperienced player will probably not last long. Everything comes with experience and training. After several attempts, you can become a real pro, collect points and dominate the arena. To do this, you have to be cunning, luring others into traps and cutting off their escape route. Control: WASD keys or keyboard arrows.

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