Meet me! Another i game "" about space! No matter how many toys there are about star wars, the number of their fans is constantly growing. Everyone wants to escape to the expanses of the universe and dominate in interstellar space. And while in reality this can not be done, everything is possible in the virtual. Now you have become the owner of some object, which more like a flying saucer of aliens.

Your vehicle is a full-fledged combat space ship equipped with a powerful weapon. Here, you can damage the planets, which because of this lose their resources. But it brings you significant advantages and new skills. There are eight in all, and you can buy them in ten steps. To orientate the surface and determine its location, a mini-map is suitable. Be careful and careful during the fight.

In addition to rivals who are able to easily deal with the novice, there are also black holes that are best avoided. Because of their presence, your projectiles change the flight path and do not hit the target. You will play with the WASD keys to move, and shoot with the LMB buttons. The game "" contains many interesting features that will be opened in the future. Join gamers from different countries and become a leader.

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