A new multi-user version of the good old toy is waiting for its pioneers. The game Counter combined the shooter and the regime of the royal battle. The main goal of each player is survival. To play it is necessary against fifteen competitors, each of which aspires to a victory due to other participants of the battle. In addition, the storm is approaching, and maneuvering becomes more difficult due to limited space.

The game Counter strike io allows you to develop your hero and improve his weapons. This can be done at the expense of their rivals. For shooting, there is a whole arsenal of weapons: rifles and pistols, submachine guns and grenades. You can find all this in boxes that can be found in different places. Shooting the enemy, you can also pick up a useful thing that will remain in place of the killed. This can be a laser sight, or another desired object.

Counter strike io provides an opportunity to hide from the enemy, as well as to detect the presence of a stranger. For this, you can shoot at random, if the enemy is hiding nearby, he will find himself responding with fire. Each fighter has his own tactics and ways of fighting and surviving. Move with the mouse or WASD, with the left click to select items, right - shoot. The remaining control keys are detailed in the instructions.

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