Today we are going to depth. The game Cthul.io is a struggle for survival in the ocean. Rivalry occurs between small octopuses, which have yet to grow and develop to the level of real sea monsters. You will have to start with a strange creature with small horns and nascent tentacles. This kid quickly moves, but at the expense of these loses its energy. You need to be fed constantly, attaching to energy crystals. If the forces run out, the baby will inevitably perish, although the part of the level passed will be preserved.

The game Cthul io - is a match with the same tiny creatures, each of which tends to pump to a more developed and powerful monster. In total, there are five modifications of weapons, as many evolution of the body and jaw. To become one of them is possible only after passing the next stage and successfully fulfilling its mission.

Cthulio is your chance to experience a novelty and go through all the stages of evolution together with your ward. To play is interesting and exciting. Competitors are many, and the fight will be serious. With rules, the player will be able to learn quite easily. With the acquisition of experience, one can easily evolve, rising to the most perfect being.

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