Logic and savvy are the main tools that will lead to victory in any confusing situation. The game is also no exception. It can be considered the next version of a long-known and beloved i-game. Here the same rules apply as in the previous original. Rival will have with all the participants who are in the arena. The main goal is to seize space and destroy competitors.

Curvex io has strict rules. It should be borne in mind that the terrain where the battle takes place has a clear boundary, and its intersection threatens with death. Collision with other players is very simple, and this can lead to the death of the character. You can grab a piece of the square, if you line it with a line. Crossing the line of your opponent, you can destroy it. The same happens if he crosses your line in Splix io 2.

Curvexio performed in the best traditions. The competition here is quite tough, the pace is increasing, and the victory brings the maximum satisfaction. The more enemies are destroyed, the higher the player’s rating and the place in the top. Failures should not stop. The experience gained will benefit and will become the key to new achievements. Controls: Arrow keys to move.

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