Attention fans of virtual entertainment in the style of a snake. The new game has a surprise for you. Start playing right now and you will see that a couple of interesting moves are provided to you. To get around everyone, gain the maximum number of points, for which collect more colored circles.

Curvz io consists of two different variations. The first is the quiet gathering of circles. If you want to just relax about anything without thinking, this option is for you. If you want a more dynamic game, the second option is provided, where it is necessary to attack rivals. To take possession of their glasses, it is enough to bite behind, there is a slack. But it’s not at all easy. Pressing the space bar on the keyboard, the opponent’s direction changes and the tail turns into a head in a second. At this point, it is desirable to hide from danger in specially designated places (blocks). You need to hurry, because these places can take other participants. One more thing: on the blocks there are numbers, if they are less than the passing level, do not get into this shelter, look for the corresponding ones.

Curvzio is easy to manage: to act quickly, click the left mouse button, change the direction you need a space.

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