Endless space, the struggle for power in the universe - all this is a new game and "DarkNova.io"! Join one of the teams to protect or steal the magic stone. There are two ways to victory.

The first - to destroy their rivals, the second - to steal a jewel, the possession of which means domination in the vastness of the galaxy. You can play for the red or blue. Prize glasses use to pump your ships to the most powerful and combat-ready. After each destroyed enemy, pick up the remaining improvements after them. There are various battle maps, each has the advantage of a certain type of spaceship. Earn money to spend on upgrading your vehicle.

Motion control using the keys WASD, Y - open the store, shoot with the left mouse button, H - help. The game "DarkNova.io" is a multiplayer space shooter, with excellent graphics and development capabilities.

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