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The fight for space is in full swing. The game Daud.io is a chance to create your own flotilla and dominate outer space. At the very beginning, the main fleet is small, so you have to work on its formation. Destroying the enemy, accumulating special bonuses, you can increase the combat power rather quickly. We draw attention to the individual ships that fly around the arena. They can be attached to your team.

The game Daud.io allows you to control your army with the mouse. The whole fleet is moving in its direction. While he is small, it is better to avoid with a more prepared and powerful enemy. In order to overcome the competitors you will need to use the advantages that give bonuses scattered around the map. In addition, apply different methods of attack. You can shoot single volleys and fire bursts.

Daud.io contains some tricks that you should know about before the battle. The speed of the flotilla depends on the number of combat units, and the rate of fire also depends on the size of the vessel. No need to cross the red border of the arena, it slows down the movement. There are not only bullets in the arsenal, but also homing missiles. Control: space or left mouse click — shooting, moving — mouse, S — acceleration due to the loss of some of their ships.

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