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Protection of the fortress is so popular a genre that it could not pass by the category of io games. Defender io is a great game with numerous players. The main task — to fight with different monsters to the bitter end. To protect your land, you need to properly organize the defense. On the way the monsters move the towers. With their help, you can stop the attacking creatures, not allowing to cross the border of their possessions.

Game Defender io allows you to get rewards for dead monsters. The more victims, the higher the rating. In addition to killing enemies, there is a sharp struggle between competitors for the right to become a leader. Each fighter tries to use any opportunities to climb to the top of the best. You will have to play rounds, each with the number of points scored a winner is revealed. However, without a thoughtful tactic and strategy, it is unlikely to survive.

Defender io — competition in its purest form. Here you do not kill your rival, and also, as he fights with terrible monsters. Who is better defense, he will last longer, and therefore will win. It is necessary at any cost to stop the enemy, passing it into its territory. Management: WASD — movement, left mouse click — to build towers.

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