Detroit Interrogation

If you like detectives and films about the work of special services, then this game you just like. In Detroit Interrogation, you will act as an FBI investigator, that you should conduct an interrogation of the criminal, but you will get a special offender - not an ordinary person, but a real android who just does not split up and starts to testify against himself and his accomplices.

Your goal in the Detroit Interrogation is to find an approach to the interrogated and create conditions for him to contact and be able to testify against other bandits. Everything is complicated by the fact that if you press on your opponent a little more, it will break and close, without giving you any information at all. Or he will grab a gun and commit suicide, which will also lead to negative consequences.

To achieve what you want in the Detroit Interrogation, first go to the table and read all the case materials that you will be led to, and only then go to the interrogation. At the bottom of the playing field is the stress scale of the interrogated, try to keep it always at the rate of 50-79% and never exceed 100%, or not go down to 0. If you can hold on to the average indicators long enough, get the information you are interested in and move on to the new ones missions.

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