After the accomplished apocalypse, the loners who managed to survive all this horror had to restore the world anew. The game is an attempt to survive, despite the cold, hunger and elevated background radiation. In order to build your own home and protect yourself from attacks by enemies, you will have to work long and hard. First you need to take care of food. I’ll have to learn to light a fire to keep warm and cook food. This will require knowledge and savvy, as it is necessary to craft weapons to compete with competitors for shelter and food.

The game allows you to evolve and evolve, acquiring new abilities to live in the most difficult conditions. Having built your own fortified bunker, you can get reliable shelter from radiation and from uninvited guests. Surviving alone is quite difficult, especially since there is plenty of danger around. It should not be forgotten that everywhere the same savage surviving guys are scampering to grab the best piece of meat and loot the rival’s home. makes it possible to work in the workshop, creating tools such as an ax and a pickaxes. With their help you can get wood, dig up gold. In addition, it will take a lot of effort to scrub additional means of protection and lethal weapons that will help to withstand ruthless struggle with fellow tribesmen. Motion control - WASD keys or arrows, left mouse click to fight or act, E - take the item, right click - delete.

Alternate: Devast io or Devastio

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