Diggers chop the ground and discover unprecedented treasures, today you can become one of them. The game Diggerz.io is a shooter in which you need to go down into the dungeon and stay alive. Underground world will gradually shrink, reducing the chances of survival. Becoming the last of the survivors is the main goal of today’s struggle. In the hands of players have a pick and weapon. It is necessary at the same time to break blocks on the map, sinking to the depth, and shoot back from the rivals.

The game Diggerz io consists of surprises and finds. At the bottom you can find warehouses with weapons and tools. Action will have to quickly to overtake the others and grab the arsenal first. Destroy enemies in all possible ways. Will fit even a saw. For each defeated opponent, you receive a cash reward and raise your rating. For this money you can buy different bonuses and original skins. However, for this you will have to register first.

Diggerz.io allows registered users to accumulate their bonuses and achievements, which can be used at any time. Unfortunately, this option is not available for ordinary players. Controls: WASD keys - movement, space - jump, left mouse click - select an object and attack.

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