It’s time to remember the good old Pacman who survived the second birth, incarnating into a new being. Game Dinoman.io - an excellent multiplayer puzzle game that will make the mind boil. You can play not only on the side of pretty crooks, but also for ghosts. The main goal is to eat more peas and destroy their competitors. It is necessary to move along the playing surface, which is striated by restrictive lines.

The game Dinoman.io will not only allow you to wander through the maze, but also to collect the maximum number of balls to break out into the leaders. It should be remembered that much depends on the color of these nutritious balls. If the points of white color just add points, the red ones are a threat to ghosts, making them vulnerable for some time. Once one of the ghosts, you have to arrange a hunt for pakmanov, and do not get caught yourself.

Dinoman.io is a test of the speed of reaction, wit and wit. It is worth to gape and - write is gone. Here you can trickery, act fraudulently, luring an opponent into a trap. Only the fastest and resourceful survive. Action will have to use the arrows of the keyboard, gradually moving to its goal.

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