It’s not know what led the lovely and pretty dinosaurs to a lifeless desert, but today they are awaited by serious tests. Dinosaur.io is a multiplayer game where each player gets his own reptile. The main goal is to run forward, for how many skills and strengths. The main obstacle here are cacti. They need to jump, trying not to touch the thorn and not prick. These thorny plants come in a variety of forms and forms, arise suddenly and at different distances.

The game Dinosaur.io shows the remaining players who participate in the race in the background. The rating is constantly displayed in the table at the top right. Who will overcome a greater distance, jumping over all obstacles without loss, he will lead the top. As soon as you choose a nickname, and start playing, your ward will automatically run. Your task is to react in time to the emerging obstacle and jump through it.

Dinosaur.io allows very quickly to break out into the leaders, due to the excellent response and ingenuity. Management is very simple. The up arrow is a jump, if you hold it for a while, you will get a double jump. All participants run in a straight line. If no one is visible in the background, it means that the opponent is already far behind.

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